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Plant Matter Hanging Grow Bags

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Mushroom Standing Grow Kit

Italian Terracotta Plant Pots

Plant Matter Grow Bags

Blumat_25 piece Automatic Plant Waterer

Blumat classic 25 Piece

Blumat & Plant Matter Grow Kit

Hanging Mushroom Growing Kit Living Soil Grow

Mushroom Hanging Grow Kit


Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Enjoy the pleasures of a new hobby and learn about the amazing wonders of fungi throughout the growing process. As the mushroom grow stick stops fruiting, simply exchange the species for a new grow stick.


Get higher yields, bigger plants and better results

The Plant Matter Fabric Grow Bag is designed to generate results. The porous material allows for your plant’s roots to breath and grow without boundaries. Unlike alternative containers on the market, a Grow Bag does not cause bounded or burnt roots, which gives your plant the opportunity to grow to its full potential. The fabric allows prevents you from overwatering your plants.


Avoid Watering Your Plants Everyday

The clay cone that thinks for you. Blumat automatic watering products use no electricity, reduce your water consumption, supply your plants with the right amount of water and ensure healthy soil, plant and flower growth. Blumat is ideal for watering when you’re on holiday and can also be used all year round.


Take Your Gardening to the Next Level

Material Grow Beds are great for enabling your plants to communicate and have the best microbiology for living soil growing. Perfect for gardeners and plant enthusiasts – grow any type of vegetable, herb or plant.

  • Maximise space
  • Maintain better soil microbiology
  • Bigger plants & higher yield
  • Plants are able to communicate with each other
  • Trellis extension option
  • 32mm frame
  • Breathable fabric
  • Stitching outside
  • Durable
  • For optimum growth placing the bed on a raised platform

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